Base dialog for user notification.
    public class AcceptDialog : WindowDialog

This dialog is useful for small notifications to the user about an event. It can only be accepted or closed, with the same result.

Inheritance Chain

Derived Classes


    public AcceptDialog()


    "confirmed" ()

Emitted when the dialog is accepted.

    "custom_action" (String action)

Emitted when a custom button is pressed. See AddButton(string, bool, string).


    public bool DialogHideOnOk { get; set; }

If true the dialog is hidden when accepted. Default value: true.

    public string DialogText { get; set; }

The text displayed by this dialog.


    public Button AddButton(string text, bool right = false, string action = "")

Adds a button with label text and a custom action to the dialog and returns the created button. action will be passed to the custom_action signal when pressed.

If true, right will place the button to the right of any sibling buttons. Default value: false.

    public Button AddCancel(string name)

Adds a button with label name and a cancel action to the dialog and returns the created button.

    public bool GetHideOnOk()

Getter for DialogHideOnOk

    public Label GetLabel()

Return the label used for built-in text.

    public Button GetOk()

Return the OK Button.

    public string GetText()

Getter for DialogText

    public void RegisterTextEnter(Node lineEdit)

Registers a LineEdit in the dialog. When the enter key is pressed, the dialog will be accepted.

    public void SetHideOnOk(bool enabled)

Setter for DialogHideOnOk

    public void SetText(string text)

Setter for DialogText