Adds a soft clip Limiter audio effect to an Audio bus.
    public class AudioEffectLimiter : AudioEffect

A limiter is similar to a compressor, but it’s less flexible and designed to disallow sound going over a given dB threshold. Adding one in the Master Bus is always recommended to reduce the effects of clipping.

Soft clipping starts to reduce the peaks a little below the threshold level and progressively increases its effect as the input level increases such that the threshold is never exceeded.

Inheritance Chain


    public AudioEffectLimiter()


    public float CeilingDb { get; set; }

The waveform’s maximum allowed value. Value can range from -20 to -0.1. Default value: -0.1dB.

    public float SoftClipDb { get; set; }

Applies a gain to the limited waves. Value can range from 0 to 6. Default value: 2dB.

    public float SoftClipRatio { get; set; }

    public float ThresholdDb { get; set; }

Threshold from which the limiter begins to be active. Value can range from -30 to 0. Default value: 0dB.


    public float GetCeilingDb()

Getter for CeilingDb

    public float GetSoftClipDb()

Getter for SoftClipDb

    public float GetSoftClipRatio()

Getter for SoftClipRatio

    public float GetThresholdDb()

Getter for ThresholdDb

    public void SetCeilingDb(float ceiling)

Setter for CeilingDb

    public void SetSoftClipDb(float softClip)

Setter for SoftClipDb

    public void SetSoftClipRatio(float softClip)

Setter for SoftClipRatio

    public void SetThresholdDb(float threshold)

Setter for ThresholdDb