Plays audio.
    public class AudioStreamSample : AudioStream

Plays audio, can loop.

Inheritance Chain


    public AudioStreamSample()


    public byte[] Data { get; set; }

    public FormatEnum Format { get; set; }

Audio format. See FORMAT_* constants for values.

    public int LoopBegin { get; set; }

Loop start in bytes.

    public int LoopEnd { get; set; }

Loop end in bytes.

    public LoopModeEnum LoopMode { get; set; }

Loop mode. See LOOP_* constants for values.

    public int MixRate { get; set; }

The sample rate for mixing this audio.

    public bool Stereo { get; set; }

If true, audio is stereo. Default value: false.


    public FormatEnum GetFormat()

Getter for Format

    public int GetLoopBegin()

Getter for LoopBegin

    public int GetLoopEnd()

Getter for LoopEnd

    public LoopModeEnum GetLoopMode()

Getter for LoopMode

    public int GetMixRate()

Getter for MixRate

    public bool IsStereo()

Getter for Stereo

    public void SetFormat(FormatEnum format)

Setter for Format

    public void SetLoopBegin(int loopBegin)

Setter for LoopBegin

    public void SetLoopEnd(int loopEnd)

Setter for LoopEnd

    public void SetLoopMode(LoopModeEnum loopMode)

Setter for LoopMode

    public void SetMixRate(int mixRate)

Setter for MixRate

    public void SetStereo(bool stereo)

Setter for Stereo

Inner Types


Name Value Description
ImaAdpcm 2 Audio codec IMA ADPCM.


Name Value Description
Disabled 0 Audio does not loop.
Forward 1 Audio loops the data between loop_begin and loop_end playing forward only.
PingPong 2 Audio loops the data between loop_begin and loop_end playing back and forth.