Resource for environment nodes (like WorldEnvironment) that define multiple rendering options.
    public class Environment : Resource

Resource for environment nodes (like WorldEnvironment) that define multiple environment operations (such as background Sky or Color, ambient light, fog, depth-of-field…). These parameters affect the final render of the scene. The order of these operations is:

  • DOF Blur

  • Motion Blur

  • Bloom

  • Tonemap (auto exposure)

  • Adjustments

Inheritance Chain


    public Environment()


    public float AdjustmentBrightness { get; set; }

Global brightness value of the rendered scene (default value is 1).

    public Texture AdjustmentColorCorrection { get; set; }

Applies the provided Texture resource to affect the global color aspect of the rendered scene.

    public float AdjustmentContrast { get; set; }

Global contrast value of the rendered scene (default value is 1).

    public bool AdjustmentEnabled { get; set; }

Enables the adjustment_* options provided by this resource. If false, adjustments modifications will have no effect on the rendered scene.

    public float AdjustmentSaturation { get; set; }

Global color saturation value of the rendered scene (default value is 1).

    public Color AmbientLightColor { get; set; }

Color of the ambient light.

    public float AmbientLightEnergy { get; set; }

Energy of the ambient light. The higher the value, the stronger the light.

    public float AmbientLightSkyContribution { get; set; }

Defines the amount of light that the sky brings on the scene. A value of 0 means that the sky’s light emission has no effect on the scene illumination, thus all ambient illumination is provided by the ambient light. On the contrary, a value of 1 means that all the light that affects the scene is provided by the sky, thus the ambient light parameter has no effect on the scene.

    public bool AutoExposureEnabled { get; set; }

Enables the tonemapping auto exposure mode of the scene renderer. If activated, the renderer will automatically determine the exposure setting to adapt to the illumination of the scene and the observed light.

    public float AutoExposureMaxLuma { get; set; }

Maximum luminance value for the auto exposure.

    public float AutoExposureMinLuma { get; set; }

Minimum luminance value for the auto exposure.

    public float AutoExposureScale { get; set; }

Scale of the auto exposure effect. Affects the intensity of auto exposure.

    public float AutoExposureSpeed { get; set; }

Speed of the auto exposure effect. Affects the time needed for the camera to perform auto exposure.

    public int BackgroundCanvasMaxLayer { get; set; }

Maximum layer id (if using Layer background mode).

    public Color BackgroundColor { get; set; }

Color displayed for clear areas of the scene (if using Custom color or Color+Sky background modes).

    public float BackgroundEnergy { get; set; }

Power of light emitted by the background.

    public BGMode BackgroundMode { get; set; }

Defines the mode of background.

    public Sky BackgroundSky { get; set; }

Sky resource defined as background.

    public float BackgroundSkyCustomFov { get; set; }

Sky resource’s custom field of view.

    public float DofBlurFarAmount { get; set; }

Amount of far blur.

    public float DofBlurFarDistance { get; set; }

Distance from the camera where the far blur effect affects the rendering.

    public bool DofBlurFarEnabled { get; set; }

Enables the far blur effect.

    public DOFBlurQuality DofBlurFarQuality { get; set; }

Quality of the far blur quality.

    public float DofBlurFarTransition { get; set; }

Transition between no-blur area and far blur.

    public float DofBlurNearAmount { get; set; }

Amount of near blur.

    public float DofBlurNearDistance { get; set; }

Distance from the camera where the near blur effect affects the rendering.

    public bool DofBlurNearEnabled { get; set; }

Enables the near blur effect.

    public DOFBlurQuality DofBlurNearQuality { get; set; }

Quality of the near blur quality.

    public float DofBlurNearTransition { get; set; }

Transition between near blur and no-blur area.

    public Color FogColor { get; set; }

Fog’s Color.

    public float FogDepthBegin { get; set; }

Fog’s depth starting distance from the camera.

    public float FogDepthCurve { get; set; }

Value defining the fog depth intensity.

    public bool FogDepthEnabled { get; set; }

Enables the fog depth.

    public bool FogEnabled { get; set; }

Enables the fog. Needs fog_height_enabled and/or for_depth_enabled to actually display fog.

    public float FogHeightCurve { get; set; }

Value defining the fog height intensity.

    public bool FogHeightEnabled { get; set; }

Enables the fog height.

    public float FogHeightMax { get; set; }

Maximum height of fog.

    public float FogHeightMin { get; set; }

Minimum height of fog.

    public float FogSunAmount { get; set; }

Amount of sun that affects the fog rendering.

    public Color FogSunColor { get; set; }

Sun Color.

    public float FogTransmitCurve { get; set; }

Amount of light that the fog transmits.

    public bool FogTransmitEnabled { get; set; }

Enables fog’s light transmission. If enabled, lets reflections light to be transmitted by the fog.

    public bool GlowBicubicUpscale { get; set; }

    public GlowBlendModeEnum GlowBlendMode { get; set; }

Glow blending mode.

    public float GlowBloom { get; set; }

Bloom value (global glow).

    public bool GlowEnabled { get; set; }

Enables glow rendering.

    public float GlowHdrScale { get; set; }

Bleed scale of the HDR glow.

    public float GlowHdrThreshold { get; set; }

Bleed threshold of the HDR glow.

    public float GlowIntensity { get; set; }

Glow intensity.

    public bool GlowLevels__1 { get; set; }

First level of glow (most local).

    public bool GlowLevels__2 { get; set; }

Second level of glow.

    public bool GlowLevels__3 { get; set; }

Third level of glow.

    public bool GlowLevels__4 { get; set; }

Fourth level of glow.

    public bool GlowLevels__5 { get; set; }

Fifth level of glow.

    public bool GlowLevels__6 { get; set; }

Sixth level of glow.

    public bool GlowLevels__7 { get; set; }

Seventh level of glow (most global).

    public float GlowStrength { get; set; }

Glow strength.

    public float SsaoBias { get; set; }

    public SSAOBlur SsaoBlur { get; set; }

    public Color SsaoColor { get; set; }

    public float SsaoEdgeSharpness { get; set; }

    public bool SsaoEnabled { get; set; }

    public float SsaoIntensity { get; set; }

    public float SsaoIntensity2 { get; set; }

    public float SsaoLightAffect { get; set; }

    public SSAOQuality SsaoQuality { get; set; }

    public float SsaoRadius { get; set; }

    public float SsaoRadius2 { get; set; }

    public float SsReflectionsDepthTolerance { get; set; }

    public bool SsReflectionsEnabled { get; set; }

    public float SsReflectionsFadeIn { get; set; }

    public float SsReflectionsFadeOut { get; set; }

    public int SsReflectionsMaxSteps { get; set; }

    public bool SsReflectionsRoughness { get; set; }

    public float TonemapExposure { get; set; }

Default exposure for tonemap.

    public ToneMapper TonemapMode { get; set; }

Tonemapping mode.

    public float TonemapWhite { get; set; }

White reference value for tonemap.


    public float GetAdjustmentBrightness()

Getter for AdjustmentBrightness

    public Texture GetAdjustmentColorCorrection()

Getter for AdjustmentColorCorrection

    public float GetAdjustmentContrast()

Getter for AdjustmentContrast

    public float GetAdjustmentSaturation()

Getter for AdjustmentSaturation

    public Color GetAmbientLightColor()

Getter for AmbientLightColor

    public float GetAmbientLightEnergy()

Getter for AmbientLightEnergy

    public float GetAmbientLightSkyContribution()

Getter for AmbientLightSkyContribution

    public BGMode GetBackground()

Getter for BackgroundMode

    public Color GetBgColor()

Getter for BackgroundColor

    public float GetBgEnergy()

Getter for BackgroundEnergy

    public int GetCanvasMaxLayer()

Getter for BackgroundCanvasMaxLayer

    public float GetDofBlurFarAmount()

Getter for DofBlurFarAmount

    public float GetDofBlurFarDistance()

Getter for DofBlurFarDistance

    public DOFBlurQuality GetDofBlurFarQuality()

Getter for DofBlurFarQuality

    public float GetDofBlurFarTransition()

Getter for DofBlurFarTransition

    public float GetDofBlurNearAmount()

Getter for DofBlurNearAmount

    public float GetDofBlurNearDistance()

Getter for DofBlurNearDistance

    public DOFBlurQuality GetDofBlurNearQuality()

Getter for DofBlurNearQuality

    public float GetDofBlurNearTransition()

Getter for DofBlurNearTransition

    public Color GetFogColor()

Getter for FogColor

    public float GetFogDepthBegin()

Getter for FogDepthBegin

    public float GetFogDepthCurve()

Getter for FogDepthCurve

    public float GetFogHeightCurve()

Getter for FogHeightCurve

    public float GetFogHeightMax()

Getter for FogHeightMax

    public float GetFogHeightMin()

Getter for FogHeightMin

    public float GetFogSunAmount()

Getter for FogSunAmount

    public Color GetFogSunColor()

Getter for FogSunColor

    public float GetFogTransmitCurve()

Getter for FogTransmitCurve

    public GlowBlendModeEnum GetGlowBlendMode()

Getter for GlowBlendMode

    public float GetGlowBloom()

Getter for GlowBloom

    public float GetGlowHdrBleedScale()

Getter for GlowHdrScale

    public float GetGlowHdrBleedThreshold()

Getter for GlowHdrThreshold

    public float GetGlowIntensity()

Getter for GlowIntensity

    public float GetGlowStrength()

Getter for GlowStrength

    public Sky GetSky()

Getter for BackgroundSky

    public float GetSkyCustomFov()

Getter for BackgroundSkyCustomFov

    public float GetSsaoBias()

Getter for SsaoBias

    public SSAOBlur GetSsaoBlur()

    public Color GetSsaoColor()

Getter for SsaoColor

    public float GetSsaoDirectLightAffect()

Getter for SsaoLightAffect

    public float GetSsaoEdgeSharpness()

Getter for SsaoEdgeSharpness

    public float GetSsaoIntensity()

Getter for SsaoIntensity

    public float GetSsaoIntensity2()

Getter for SsaoIntensity

    public SSAOQuality GetSsaoQuality()

Getter for SsaoQuality

    public float GetSsaoRadius()

Getter for SsaoRadius

    public float GetSsaoRadius2()

Getter for SsaoRadius

    public float GetSsrDepthTolerance()

Getter for SsReflectionsDepthTolerance

    public float GetSsrFadeIn()

Getter for SsReflectionsFadeIn

    public float GetSsrFadeOut()

Getter for SsReflectionsFadeOut

    public int GetSsrMaxSteps()

Getter for SsReflectionsMaxSteps

    public bool GetTonemapAutoExposure()

Getter for AutoExposureEnabled

    public float GetTonemapAutoExposureGrey()

Getter for AutoExposureScale

    public float GetTonemapAutoExposureMax()

Getter for AutoExposureMaxLuma

    public float GetTonemapAutoExposureMin()

Getter for AutoExposureMinLuma

    public float GetTonemapAutoExposureSpeed()

Getter for AutoExposureSpeed

    public float GetTonemapExposure()

Getter for TonemapExposure

    public ToneMapper GetTonemapper()

Getter for TonemapMode

    public float GetTonemapWhite()

Getter for TonemapWhite

    public bool IsAdjustmentEnabled()

Getter for AdjustmentEnabled

    public bool IsDofBlurFarEnabled()

Getter for DofBlurFarEnabled

    public bool IsDofBlurNearEnabled()

Getter for DofBlurNearEnabled

    public bool IsFogDepthEnabled()

Getter for FogDepthEnabled

    public bool IsFogEnabled()

Getter for FogEnabled

    public bool IsFogHeightEnabled()

Getter for FogHeightEnabled

    public bool IsFogTransmitEnabled()

Getter for FogTransmitEnabled

    public bool IsGlowBicubicUpscaleEnabled()

Getter for GlowBicubicUpscale

    public bool IsGlowEnabled()

Getter for GlowEnabled

    public bool IsGlowLevelEnabled(int idx)

    public bool IsSsaoEnabled()

Getter for SsaoEnabled

    public bool IsSsrEnabled()

Getter for SsReflectionsEnabled

    public bool IsSsrRough()

Getter for SsReflectionsRoughness

    public void SetAdjustmentBrightness(float brightness)

Setter for AdjustmentBrightness

    public void SetAdjustmentColorCorrection(Texture colorCorrection)

Setter for AdjustmentColorCorrection

    public void SetAdjustmentContrast(float contrast)

Setter for AdjustmentContrast

    public void SetAdjustmentEnable(bool enabled)

Setter for AdjustmentEnabled

    public void SetAdjustmentSaturation(float saturation)

Setter for AdjustmentSaturation

    public void SetAmbientLightColor(Color color)

Setter for AmbientLightColor

    public void SetAmbientLightEnergy(float energy)

Setter for AmbientLightEnergy

    public void SetAmbientLightSkyContribution(float energy)

Setter for AmbientLightSkyContribution

    public void SetBackground(BGMode mode)

Setter for BackgroundMode

    public void SetBgColor(Color color)

Setter for BackgroundColor

    public void SetBgEnergy(float energy)

Setter for BackgroundEnergy

    public void SetCanvasMaxLayer(int layer)

Setter for BackgroundCanvasMaxLayer

    public void SetDofBlurFarAmount(float intensity)

Setter for DofBlurFarAmount

    public void SetDofBlurFarDistance(float intensity)

Setter for DofBlurFarDistance

    public void SetDofBlurFarEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for DofBlurFarEnabled

    public void SetDofBlurFarQuality(DOFBlurQuality intensity)

Setter for DofBlurFarQuality

    public void SetDofBlurFarTransition(float intensity)

Setter for DofBlurFarTransition

    public void SetDofBlurNearAmount(float intensity)

Setter for DofBlurNearAmount

    public void SetDofBlurNearDistance(float intensity)

Setter for DofBlurNearDistance

    public void SetDofBlurNearEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for DofBlurNearEnabled

    public void SetDofBlurNearQuality(DOFBlurQuality level)

Setter for DofBlurNearQuality

    public void SetDofBlurNearTransition(float intensity)

Setter for DofBlurNearTransition

    public void SetFogColor(Color color)

Setter for FogColor

    public void SetFogDepthBegin(float distance)

Setter for FogDepthBegin

    public void SetFogDepthCurve(float curve)

Setter for FogDepthCurve

    public void SetFogDepthEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for FogDepthEnabled

    public void SetFogEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for FogEnabled

    public void SetFogHeightCurve(float curve)

Setter for FogHeightCurve

    public void SetFogHeightEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for FogHeightEnabled

    public void SetFogHeightMax(float height)

Setter for FogHeightMax

    public void SetFogHeightMin(float height)

Setter for FogHeightMin

    public void SetFogSunAmount(float amount)

Setter for FogSunAmount

    public void SetFogSunColor(Color color)

Setter for FogSunColor

    public void SetFogTransmitCurve(float curve)

Setter for FogTransmitCurve

    public void SetFogTransmitEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for FogTransmitEnabled

    public void SetGlowBicubicUpscale(bool enabled)

Setter for GlowBicubicUpscale

    public void SetGlowBlendMode(GlowBlendModeEnum mode)

Setter for GlowBlendMode

    public void SetGlowBloom(float amount)

Setter for GlowBloom

    public void SetGlowEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for GlowEnabled

    public void SetGlowHdrBleedScale(float scale)

Setter for GlowHdrScale

    public void SetGlowHdrBleedThreshold(float threshold)

Setter for GlowHdrThreshold

    public void SetGlowIntensity(float intensity)

Setter for GlowIntensity

    public void SetGlowLevel(int idx, bool enabled)

    public void SetGlowStrength(float strength)

Setter for GlowStrength

    public void SetSky(Sky sky)

Setter for BackgroundSky

    public void SetSkyCustomFov(float scale)

Setter for BackgroundSkyCustomFov

    public void SetSsaoBias(float bias)

Setter for SsaoBias

    public void SetSsaoBlur(SSAOBlur mode)

Setter for SsaoBlur

    public void SetSsaoColor(Color color)

Setter for SsaoColor

    public void SetSsaoDirectLightAffect(float amount)

Setter for SsaoLightAffect

    public void SetSsaoEdgeSharpness(float edgeSharpness)

Setter for SsaoEdgeSharpness

    public void SetSsaoEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for SsaoEnabled

    public void SetSsaoIntensity(float intensity)

Setter for SsaoIntensity

    public void SetSsaoIntensity2(float intensity)

Setter for SsaoIntensity

    public void SetSsaoQuality(SSAOQuality quality)

Setter for SsaoQuality

    public void SetSsaoRadius(float radius)

Setter for SsaoRadius

    public void SetSsaoRadius2(float radius)

Setter for SsaoRadius

    public void SetSsrDepthTolerance(float depthTolerance)

Setter for SsReflectionsDepthTolerance

    public void SetSsrEnabled(bool enabled)

Setter for SsReflectionsEnabled

    public void SetSsrFadeIn(float fadeIn)

Setter for SsReflectionsFadeIn

    public void SetSsrFadeOut(float fadeOut)

Setter for SsReflectionsFadeOut

    public void SetSsrMaxSteps(int maxSteps)

Setter for SsReflectionsMaxSteps

    public void SetSsrRough(bool rough)

Setter for SsReflectionsRoughness

    public void SetTonemapAutoExposure(bool autoExposure)

Setter for AutoExposureEnabled

    public void SetTonemapAutoExposureGrey(float exposureGrey)

Setter for AutoExposureScale

    public void SetTonemapAutoExposureMax(float exposureMax)

Setter for AutoExposureMaxLuma

    public void SetTonemapAutoExposureMin(float exposureMin)

Setter for AutoExposureMinLuma

    public void SetTonemapAutoExposureSpeed(float exposureSpeed)

Setter for AutoExposureSpeed

    public void SetTonemapExposure(float exposure)

Setter for TonemapExposure

    public void SetTonemapper(ToneMapper mode)

Setter for TonemapMode

    public void SetTonemapWhite(float white)

Setter for TonemapWhite

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Keep 5 Keep on screen every pixel drawn in the background.
ClearColor 0 Clear the background using the project’s clear color.
Color 1 Clear the background using a custom clear color.
Sky 2 Display a user-defined sky in the background.
ColorSky 3 Clear the background using a custom clear color and allows defining a sky for shading and reflection.
Canvas 4 Display a [CanvasLayer] in the background.
Max 6 Helper constant keeping track of the enum’s size, has no direct usage in API calls.


Name Value Description
Low 0 Low depth-of-field blur quality.
Medium 1 Medium depth-of-field blur quality.
High 2 High depth-of-field blur quality.


Name Value Description
Additive 0 Additive glow blending mode. Mostly used for particles, glows (bloom), lens flare, bright sources.
Screen 1 Screen glow blending mode. Increases brightness, used frequently with bloom.
Softlight 2 Softlight glow blending mode. Modifies contrast, exposes shadows and highlights, vivid bloom.
Replace 3 Replace glow blending mode. Replaces all pixels’ color by the glow value.


Name Value Description
Disabled 0  


Name Value Description
Low 0  
Medium 1  
High 2  


Name Value Description
Linear 0 Linear tonemapper operator. Reads the linear data and performs an exposure adjustment.
Reinhardt 1 Reinhardt tonemapper operator. Performs a variation on rendered pixels’ colors by this formula: color = color / (1 + color).
Filmic 2 Filmic tonemapper operator.
Aces 3 Academy Color Encoding System tonemapper operator.