Reference to a function in an object.
    public class FuncRef : Reference

In GDScript, functions are not first-class objects. This means it is impossible to store them directly as variables, return them from another function, or pass them as arguments.

However, by creating a FuncRef using the GD.Funcref(Godot.Object, string) function, a reference to a function in a given object can be created, passed around and called.

Inheritance Chain


    public FuncRef()


    public object CallFunc(params object[] args)

    public void SetFunction(string name)

The name of the referenced function to call on the object, without parentheses or any parameters.

    public void SetInstance(Object instance)

The object containing the referenced function. This object must be of a type actually inheriting from Object, not a built-in type such as [int](], Vector2 or Dictionary.