Input event type for gamepad joysticks and other motions. For buttons see InputEventJoypadMotion.
    public class InputEventJoypadMotion : InputEvent

Stores information about joystick motions. One InputEventJoypadMotion represents one axis at a time.

Inheritance Chain


    public InputEventJoypadMotion()


    public int Axis { get; set; }

Axis identifier. Use one of the JOY_AXIS_* constants in [@GlobalScope].

    public float AxisValue { get; set; }

Current position of the joystick on the given axis. The value ranges from -1.0 to 1.0. A value of 0 means the axis is in its resting position.


    public int GetAxis()

Getter for Axis

    public float GetAxisValue()

Getter for AxisValue

    public void SetAxis(int axis)

Setter for Axis

    public void SetAxisValue(float axisValue)

Setter for AxisValue