Base input event type for mouse events.
    public class InputEventMouse : InputEventWithModifiers

Stores general mouse events information.

Inheritance Chain

Derived Classes


    public int ButtonMask { get; set; }

Mouse button mask identifier, one of or a bitwise combination of the BUTTON_MASK_* constants in [@GlobalScope].

    public Vector2 GlobalPosition { get; set; }

Mouse position relative to the current Viewport when used in Control._GuiInput(Godot.InputEvent), otherwise is at 0,0.

    public Vector2 Position { get; set; }

Mouse local position relative to the Viewport. If used in Control._GuiInput(Godot.InputEvent) the position is relative to the current Control which is under the mouse.


    public int GetButtonMask()

Getter for ButtonMask

    public Vector2 GetGlobalPosition()

Getter for GlobalPosition

    public Vector2 GetPosition()

Getter for Position

    public void SetButtonMask(int buttonMask)

Setter for ButtonMask

    public void SetGlobalPosition(Vector2 globalPosition)

Setter for GlobalPosition

    public void SetPosition(Vector2 position)

Setter for Position