Input event type for screen touch events. (only available on mobile devices)
    public class InputEventScreenTouch : InputEvent

Stores multi-touch press/release information. Supports touch press, touch release and Index for multi-touch count and order.

Inheritance Chain


    public InputEventScreenTouch()


    public int Index { get; set; }

Touch index in the case of a multi-touch event. One index = one finger.

    public Vector2 Position { get; set; }

Touch position.

    public bool Pressed { get; set; }

If true the touch’s state is pressed. If false the touch’s state is released.


    public int GetIndex()

Getter for Index

    public Vector2 GetPosition()

Getter for Position

    public void SetIndex(int index)

Setter for Index

    public void SetPosition(Vector2 position)

Setter for Position

    public void SetPressed(bool pressed)

Setter for Pressed