Base class for keys events with modifiers.
    public class InputEventWithModifiers : InputEvent

Contains keys events information with modifiers support like SHIFT or ALT. See Node._Input(Godot.InputEvent).

Inheritance Chain

Derived Classes


    public bool Alt { get; set; }

State of the Alt modifier.

    public bool Command { get; set; }

State of the Command modifier.

    public bool Control { get; set; }

State of the Ctrl modifier.

    public bool Meta { get; set; }

State of the Meta modifier.

    public bool Shift { get; set; }

State of the Shift modifier.


    public bool GetAlt()

Getter for Alt

    public bool GetCommand()

Getter for Command

    public bool GetControl()

Getter for Control

    public bool GetMetakey()

Getter for Meta

    public bool GetShift()

Getter for Shift

    public void SetAlt(bool enable)

Setter for Alt

    public void SetCommand(bool enable)

Setter for Command

    public void SetControl(bool enable)

Setter for Control

    public void SetMetakey(bool enable)

Setter for Meta

    public void SetShift(bool enable)

Setter for Shift