Singleton that manages InputEventAction.
    public static class InputMap

Manages all InputEventAction which can be created/modified from the project settings menu Project > Project Settings > Input Map or in code with AddAction(string) and ActionAddEvent(string, Godot.InputEvent). See Node._Input(Godot.InputEvent).

Inheritance Chain

Static Methods

    public static void ActionAddEvent(string action, InputEvent @event)

Adds an InputEvent to an action. This InputEvent will trigger the action.

    public static void ActionEraseEvent(string action, InputEvent @event)

Removes an InputEvent from an action.

    public static bool ActionHasEvent(string action, InputEvent @event)

Returns [true](] if an action has an InputEvent associated with it.

    public static void AddAction(string action)

Adds an (empty) action to the InputMap. An InputEvent can then be added to this action with ActionAddEvent(string, Godot.InputEvent).

    public static void EraseAction(string action)

Removes an action from the InputMap.

    public static bool EventIsAction(InputEvent @event, string action)

Returns [true](] if the given event is part of an existing action. This method ignores keyboard modifiers if the given InputEvent is not pressed (for proper release detection). See ActionHasEvent(string, Godot.InputEvent) if you don’t want this behavior.

    public static object[] GetActionList(string action)

Returns an array of InputEvents associated with a given action.

    public static object[] GetActions()

Returns an array of all actions in the InputMap.

    public static bool HasAction(string action)

Returns true if the InputMap has a registered action with the given name.

    public static void LoadFromGlobals()

Clears all InputEventAction in the InputMap and load it anew from ProjectSettings.