Main loop is the abstract main loop base class.
    public class MainLoop : Object

Main loop is the abstract main loop base class. All other main loop classes are derived from it. Upon application start, a MainLoop has to be provided to OS, else the application will exit. This happens automatically (and a SceneTree is created), unless a main Script is supplied, which may or not create and return a MainLoop.

Inheritance Chain

Derived Classes

Static Fields

    public const Int32 NotificationOsMemoryWarning = 9

    public const Int32 NotificationTranslationChanged = 90

    public const Int32 NotificationWmAbout = 91

    public const Int32 NotificationWmFocusIn = 4

    public const Int32 NotificationWmFocusOut = 5

    public const Int32 NotificationWmGoBackRequest = 7

    public const Int32 NotificationWmMouseEnter = 2

    public const Int32 NotificationWmMouseExit = 3

    public const Int32 NotificationWmQuitRequest = 6

    public const Int32 NotificationWmUnfocusRequest = 8


    public MainLoop()


    public virtual void _DropFiles(string[] files, int screen)

    public virtual void _Finalize()

Called before the program exits.

    public virtual void _Idle(float delta)

Called each idle frame with time since last call as an only argument.

    public virtual void _Initialize()

Called once during initialization.

    public virtual void _InputEvent(InputEvent ev)

    public virtual void _InputText(string text)

    public virtual void _Iteration(float delta)

    public void Finish()

    public bool Idle(float delta)

    public void Init()

    public void InputEvent(InputEvent ev)

    public void InputText(string text)

    public bool Iteration(float delta)