Provides high performance mesh instancing.
    public class MultiMesh : Resource

MultiMesh provides low level mesh instancing. If the amount of Mesh instances needed goes from hundreds to thousands (and most need to be visible at close proximity) creating such a large amount of MeshInstance nodes may affect performance by using too much CPU or video memory.

For this case a MultiMesh becomes very useful, as it can draw thousands of instances with little API overhead.

As a drawback, if the instances are too far away of each other, performance may be reduced as every single instance will always rendered (they are spatially indexed as one, for the whole object).

Since instances may have any behavior, the AABB used for visibility must be provided by the user.

Inheritance Chain


    public MultiMesh()


    public Color[] ColorArray { get; set; }

    public ColorFormatEnum ColorFormat { get; set; }

    public int InstanceCount { get; set; }

    public Mesh Mesh { get; set; }

    public Vector3[] TransformArray { get; set; }

    public TransformFormatEnum TransformFormat { get; set; }


    public AABB GetAabb()

Return the visibility AABB.

    public ColorFormatEnum GetColorFormat()

Getter for ColorFormat

    public Color GetInstanceColor(int instance)

Get the color of a specific instance.

    public int GetInstanceCount()

Getter for InstanceCount

    public Transform GetInstanceTransform(int instance)

Return the transform of a specific instance.

    public Mesh GetMesh()

Getter for Mesh

    public TransformFormatEnum GetTransformFormat()

Getter for TransformFormat

    public void SetColorFormat(ColorFormatEnum format)

Setter for ColorFormat

    public void SetInstanceColor(int instance, Color color)

Set the color of a specific instance.

    public void SetInstanceCount(int count)

Setter for InstanceCount

    public void SetInstanceTransform(int instance, Transform transform)

Set the transform for a specific instance.

    public void SetMesh(Mesh mesh)

Setter for Mesh

    public void SetTransformFormat(TransformFormatEnum format)

Setter for TransformFormat

Inner Types


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None 0  
Float 2  


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