Defines a 2D polygon for LightOccluder2D.
    public class OccluderPolygon2D : Resource

Editor facility that helps you draw a 2D polygon used as resource for LightOccluder2D.

Inheritance Chain


    public OccluderPolygon2D()


    public bool Closed { get; set; }

If true closes the polygon. A closed OccluderPolygon2D occludes the light coming from any direction. An opened OccluderPolygon2D occludes the light only at its outline’s direction. Default value true.

    public CullModeEnum CullMode { get; set; }

Set the direction of the occlusion culling when not CULL_DISABLED. Default value DISABLED.

    public Vector2[] Polygon { get; set; }

A Vector2 array with the index for polygon’s vertices positions.


    public CullModeEnum GetCullMode()

Getter for CullMode

    public Vector2[] GetPolygon()

Getter for Polygon

    public bool IsClosed()

Getter for Closed

    public void SetClosed(bool closed)

Setter for Closed

    public void SetCullMode(CullModeEnum cullMode)

Setter for CullMode

    public void SetPolygon(Vector2[] polygon)

Setter for Polygon

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Disabled 0 Culling mode for the occlusion. Disabled means no culling. See [member cull_mode].
Clockwise 1 Culling mode for the occlusion. Sets the culling to be in clockwise direction. See [member cull_mode].
CounterClockwise 2 Culling mode for the occlusion. Sets the culling to be in counter clockwise direction. See [member cull_mode].