OmniDirectional Light, such as a light bulb or a candle.
    public class OmniLight : Light

An OmniDirectional light is a type of Light node that emits lights in all directions. The light is attenuated through the distance and this attenuation can be configured by changing the energy, radius and attenuation parameters of Light.

Inheritance Chain


    public OmniLight()


    public float OmniAttenuation { get; set; }

    public float OmniRange { get; set; }

    public ShadowDetail OmniShadowDetail { get; set; }

    public ShadowMode OmniShadowMode { get; set; }


    public ShadowDetail GetShadowDetail()

Getter for OmniShadowDetail

    public ShadowMode GetShadowMode()

Getter for OmniShadowMode

    public void SetShadowDetail(ShadowDetail detail)

Setter for OmniShadowDetail

    public void SetShadowMode(ShadowMode mode)

Setter for OmniShadowMode

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Vertical 0  
Horizontal 1  


Name Value Description
DualParaboloid 0  
Cube 1