Wrapper to use a PacketPeer over a StreamPeer.
    public class PacketPeerStream : PacketPeer

PacketStreamPeer provides a wrapper for working using packets over a stream. This allows for using packet based code with StreamPeers. PacketPeerStream implements a custom protocol over the StreamPeer, so the user should not read or write to the wrapped StreamPeer directly.

Inheritance Chain


    public PacketPeerStream()


    public int InputBufferMaxSize { get; set; }

    public int OutputBufferMaxSize { get; set; }

    public StreamPeer StreamPeer { get; set; }

The wrapped StreamPeer object.


    public int GetInputBufferMaxSize()

Getter for InputBufferMaxSize

    public int GetOutputBufferMaxSize()

Getter for OutputBufferMaxSize

    public StreamPeer GetStreamPeer()

Getter for StreamPeer

    public void SetInputBufferMaxSize(int maxSizeBytes)

Setter for InputBufferMaxSize

    public void SetOutputBufferMaxSize(int maxSizeBytes)

Setter for OutputBufferMaxSize

    public void SetStreamPeer(StreamPeer peer)

Setter for StreamPeer