Parameters to be sent to a 2D shape physics query.
    public class Physics2DShapeQueryParameters : Reference

This class contains the shape and other parameters for intersection/collision queries.

Inheritance Chain


    public Physics2DShapeQueryParameters()


    public int CollisionLayer { get; set; }

The physics layer the query should be made on.

    public object[] Exclude { get; set; }

The list of objects or object RIDs, that will be excluded from collisions.

    public float Margin { get; set; }

The collision margin for the shape.

    public Vector2 Motion { get; set; }

The motion of the shape being queried for.

    public RID ShapeRid { get; set; }

The RID of the queried shape. See SetShape(Godot.Resource) also.

    public Transform2D Transform { get; set; }

the transform matrix of the queried shape.


    public int GetCollisionLayer()

Getter for CollisionLayer

    public object[] GetExclude()

Getter for Exclude

    public float GetMargin()

Getter for Margin

    public Vector2 GetMotion()

Getter for Motion

    public RID GetShapeRid()

Getter for ShapeRid

    public Transform2D GetTransform()

Getter for Transform

    public void SetCollisionLayer(int collisionLayer)

Setter for CollisionLayer

    public void SetExclude(object[] exclude)

Setter for Exclude

    public void SetMargin(float margin)

Setter for Margin

    public void SetMotion(Vector2 motion)

Setter for Motion

    public void SetShape(Resource shape)

Set the Shape2D that will be used for collision/intersection queries.

    public void SetShapeRid(RID shape)

Setter for ShapeRid

    public void SetTransform(Transform2D transform)

Setter for Transform