Resource Loader.
    public static class ResourceLoader

Resource Loader. This is a static object accessible as ResourceLoader. GDScript has a simplified load() function, though.

Inheritance Chain

Static Methods

    public static string[] GetDependencies(string path)

    public static string[] GetRecognizedExtensionsForType(string type)

Return the list of recognized extensions for a resource type.

    public static bool Has(string path)

    public static Resource Load(string path, string typeHint = "", bool pNoCache = false)

    public static ResourceInteractiveLoader LoadInteractive(string path, string typeHint = "")

Load a resource interactively, the returned object allows to load with high granularity.

    public static void SetAbortOnMissingResources(bool abort)

Change the behavior on missing sub-resources. Default is to abort load.