Resource Preloader Node.
    public class ResourcePreloader : Node

Resource Preloader Node. This node is used to preload sub-resources inside a scene, so when the scene is loaded all the resources are ready to use and be retrieved from here.

Inheritance Chain


    public ResourcePreloader()


    public object[] Resources { get; set; }


    public void AddResource(string name, Resource resource)

    public Resource GetResource(string name)

Return the resource given a text-id.

    public string[] GetResourceList()

Return the list of resources inside the preloader.

    public bool HasResource(string name)

Return true if the preloader has a given resource.

    public void RemoveResource(string name)

Remove a resource from the preloader by text id.

    public void RenameResource(string name, string newname)

Rename a resource inside the preloader, from a text-id to a new text-id.