SSL Stream peer.
    public class StreamPeerSSL : StreamPeer

SSL Stream peer. This object can be used to connect to SSL servers.

Inheritance Chain


    public StreamPeerSSL()


    public Error AcceptStream(StreamPeer stream)

    public Error ConnectToStream(StreamPeer stream, bool validateCerts = false, string forHostname = "")

Connect to a peer using an underlying StreamPeer “stream”, when “validate_certs” is true, StreamPeerSSL will validate that the certificate presented by the peer matches the “for_hostname”.

    public void DisconnectFromStream()

Disconnect from host.

    public Status GetStatus()

Return the status of the connection, one of STATUS_* enum.

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Disconnected 0 A status representing a [code]StreamPeerSSL[/code] that is disconnected.
Connected 1 A status representing a [code]StreamPeerSSL[/code] that is connected to a host.
ErrorNoCertificate 2 An errot status that shows the peer did not present a SSL certificate and validation was requested.
ErrorHostnameMismatch 3 An error status that shows a mismatch in the SSL certificate domain presented by the host and the domain requested for validation.