Changes a local variable's value.
    public class VisualScriptLocalVarSet : VisualScriptNode

Changes a local variable’s value to the given input. The new value is also provided on an output Data port.

Input Ports:

  • Sequence

  • Data (variant): set

Output Ports:

  • Sequence

  • Data (variant): get

Inheritance Chain


    public VisualScriptLocalVarSet()


    public Variant.Type Type { get; set; }

The local variable’s type.

    public string VarName { get; set; }

The local variable’s name.


    public string GetVarName()

Getter for VarName

    public Variant.Type GetVarType()

Getter for Type

    public void SetVarName(string name)

Setter for VarName

    public void SetVarType(Variant.Type type)

Setter for Type