Class that has everything pertaining to a world.
    public class World : Resource

Class that has everything pertaining to a world. A physics space, a visual scenario and a sound space. Spatial nodes register their resources into the current world.

Inheritance Chain


    public World()


    public PhysicsDirectSpaceState DirectSpaceState { get; }

The World’s physics direct space state, used for making various queries. Might be used only during _physics_process.

    public Environment Environment { get; set; }

The World’s Environment.

    public Environment FallbackEnvironment { get; set; }

The World’s fallback_environment will be used if the World’s Environment fails or is missing.

    public RID Scenario { get; }

The World’s visual scenario.

    public RID Space { get; }

The World’s physics space.


    public PhysicsDirectSpaceState GetDirectSpaceState()

Getter for DirectSpaceState

    public Environment GetEnvironment()

Getter for Environment

    public Environment GetFallbackEnvironment()

Getter for FallbackEnvironment

    public RID GetScenario()

Getter for Scenario

    public RID GetSpace()

Getter for Space

    public void SetEnvironment(Environment env)

Setter for Environment

    public void SetFallbackEnvironment(Environment env)

Setter for FallbackEnvironment