Adds a Distortion audio effect to an Audio bus. Modify the sound to make it dirty.
    public class AudioEffectDistortion : AudioEffect

Modify the sound and make it dirty. Different types are available : clip, tan, lofi (bit crushing), overdrive, or waveshape.

By distorting the waveform the frequency content change, which will often make the sound “crunchy” or “abrasive”. For games, it can simulate sound coming from some saturated device or speaker very efficiently.

Inheritance Chain


    public AudioEffectDistortion()


    public float Drive { get; set; }

Distortion power. Value can range from 0 to 1. Default value: 0.

    public float KeepHfHz { get; set; }

High-pass filter. Frequencies higher than this value will not be affected by the distortion. Value can range from 1 to 20000. Default value: 16000.

    public ModeEnum Mode { get; set; }

Distortion type. Default value: MODE_CLIP.

    public float PostGain { get; set; }

Increases or decreases the volume after the effect. Value can range from -80 to 24. Default value: 0.

    public float PreGain { get; set; }

Increases or decreases the volume before the effect. Value can range from -60 to 60. Default value: 0.


    public float GetDrive()

Getter for Drive

    public float GetKeepHfHz()

Getter for KeepHfHz

    public ModeEnum GetMode()

Getter for Mode

    public float GetPostGain()

Getter for PostGain

    public float GetPreGain()

Getter for PreGain

    public void SetDrive(float drive)

Setter for Drive

    public void SetKeepHfHz(float keepHfHz)

Setter for KeepHfHz

    public void SetMode(ModeEnum mode)

Setter for Mode

    public void SetPostGain(float postGain)

Setter for PostGain

    public void SetPreGain(float preGain)

Setter for PreGain

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Clip 0 Digital distortion effect which cuts off peaks at the top and bottom of the waveform.
Atan 1  
Lofi 2 Low-resolution digital distortion effect. You can use it to emulate the sound of early digital audio devices.
Overdrive 3 Emulates the warm distortion produced by a field effect transistor, which is commonly used in solid-state musical instrument amplifiers.
Waveshape 4 Waveshaper distortions are used mainly by electronic musicians to achieve an extra-abrasive sound.