A CSG Cylinder shape.
    public class CSGCylinder : CSGPrimitive

This node allows you to create a cylinder (or cone) for use with the CSG system.

Inheritance Chain


    public CSGCylinder()


    public bool Cone { get; set; }

If true a cone is created, the Radius will only apply to one side.

    public float Height { get; set; }

The height of the cylinder.

    public Material Material { get; set; }

The material used to render the cylinder.

    public float Radius { get; set; }

The radius of the cylinder.

    public int Sides { get; set; }

The number of sides of the cylinder, the higher this number the more detail there will be in the cylinder.

    public bool SmoothFaces { get; set; }

If true the normals of the cylinder are set to give a smooth effect making the cylinder seem rounded. When false the cylinder will have a flat shaded look.


    public float GetHeight()

Getter for Height

    public Material GetMaterial()

Getter for Material

    public float GetRadius()

Getter for Radius

    public int GetSides()

Getter for Sides

    public bool GetSmoothFaces()

Getter for SmoothFaces

    public bool IsCone()

Getter for Cone

    public void SetCone(bool cone)

Setter for Cone

    public void SetHeight(float height)

Setter for Height

    public void SetMaterial(Material material)

Setter for Material

    public void SetRadius(float radius)

Setter for Radius

    public void SetSides(int sides)

Setter for Sides

    public void SetSmoothFaces(bool smoothFaces)

Setter for SmoothFaces