Button that pops out a ColorPicker.
    public class ColorPickerButton : Button

Encapsulates a ColorPicker making it accessible by pressing a button. Pressing the button will toggle the ColorPicker visibility.

Inheritance Chain


    public ColorPickerButton()


    "color_changed" (Color color)

Emitted when the color changes.

    "popup_closed" ()


    public Color Color { get; set; }

The currently selected color.

    public bool EditAlpha { get; set; }

If true, the alpha channel in the displayed ColorPicker will be visible. Default value: true.


    public Color GetPickColor()

Getter for Color

    public ColorPicker GetPicker()

Returns the ColorPicker that this node toggles.

    public PopupPanel GetPopup()

Returns the control’s PopupPanel which allows you to connect to popup signals. This allows you to handle events when the ColorPicker is shown or hidden.

    public bool IsEditingAlpha()

Getter for EditAlpha

    public void SetEditAlpha(bool show)

Setter for EditAlpha

    public void SetPickColor(Color color)

Setter for Color