DynamicFont renders vector font files at runtime.
    public class DynamicFont : Font

DynamicFont renders vector font files (such as TTF or OTF) dynamically at runtime instead of using a prerendered texture atlas like BitmapFont. This trades the faster loading time of BitmapFonts for the ability to change font parameters like size and spacing during runtime. DynamicFontData is used for referencing the font file paths.

Inheritance Chain


    public DynamicFont()


    public int ExtraSpacingBottom { get; set; }

Extra spacing at the bottom in pixels.

    public int ExtraSpacingChar { get; set; }

Extra character spacing in pixels.

    public int ExtraSpacingSpace { get; set; }

Extra space spacing in pixels.

    public int ExtraSpacingTop { get; set; }

Extra spacing at the top in pixels.

    public DynamicFontData FontData { get; set; }

The font data.

    public Color OutlineColor { get; set; }

    public int OutlineSize { get; set; }

    public int Size { get; set; }

The font size.

    public bool UseFilter { get; set; }

If true, filtering is used.

    public bool UseMipmaps { get; set; }

If true, mipmapping is used.


    public void AddFallback(DynamicFontData data)

Adds a fallback font.

    public DynamicFontData GetFallback(int idx)

Returns the fallback font at index idx.

    public int GetFallbackCount()

Returns the number of fallback fonts.

    public DynamicFontData GetFontData()

Getter for FontData

    public Color GetOutlineColor()

Getter for OutlineColor

    public int GetOutlineSize()

Getter for OutlineSize

    public int GetSize()

Getter for Size

    public int GetSpacing(int type)

    public bool GetUseFilter()

Getter for UseFilter

    public bool GetUseMipmaps()

Getter for UseMipmaps

    public void RemoveFallback(int idx)

Removes the fallback font at index idx.

    public void SetFallback(int idx, DynamicFontData data)

Sets the fallback font at index idx.

    public void SetFontData(DynamicFontData data)

Setter for FontData

    public void SetOutlineColor(Color color)

Setter for OutlineColor

    public void SetOutlineSize(int size)

Setter for OutlineSize

    public void SetSize(int data)

Setter for Size

    public void SetSpacing(int type, int value)

    public void SetUseFilter(bool enable)

Setter for UseFilter

    public void SetUseMipmaps(bool enable)

Setter for UseMipmaps

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Top 0 Spacing at the top.
Bottom 1 Spacing at the bottom.
Char 2 Character spacing.
Space 3 Space spacing.