Used with DynamicFont to describe the location of a font file.
    public class DynamicFontData : Resource

Used with DynamicFont to describe the location of a vector font file for dynamic rendering at runtime.

Inheritance Chain


    public DynamicFontData()


    public bool Antialiased { get; set; }

Controls whether the font should be rendered with anti-aliasing.

    public string FontPath { get; set; }

The path to the vector font file.

    public HintingEnum Hinting { get; set; }

The font hinting mode used by FreeType.


    public string GetFontPath()

Getter for FontPath

    public HintingEnum GetHinting()

Getter for Hinting

    public bool IsAntialiased()

Getter for Antialiased

    public void SetAntialiased(bool antialiased)

Setter for Antialiased

    public void SetFontPath(string path)

Setter for FontPath

    public void SetHinting(HintingEnum mode)

Setter for Hinting

Inner Types


Name Value Description
None 0 Disable font hinting (smoother but less crisp).
Light 1 Use the light font hinting mode.
Normal 2 Use the default font hinting mode (crisper but less smooth).