Color interpolator node.
    public class Gradient : Resource

Given a set of colors, this node will interpolate them in order, meaning, that if you have color 1, color 2 and color 3, the ramp will interpolate (generate the colors between two colors) from color 1 to color 2 and from color 2 to color 3. Initially the ramp will have 2 colors (black and white), one (black) at ramp lower offset 0 and the other (white) at the ramp higher offset 1.

Inheritance Chain


    public Gradient()


    public Color[] Colors { get; set; }

Gradient’s colors returned as a PoolColorArray.

    public float[] Offsets { get; set; }

Gradient’s offsets returned as a PoolRealArray.


    public void AddPoint(float offset, Color color)

Adds the specified color to the end of the ramp, with the specified offset

    public Color GetColor(int point)

Returns the color of the ramp color at index point

    public Color[] GetColors()

Getter for Colors

    public float GetOffset(int point)

Returns the offset of the ramp color at index point

    public float[] GetOffsets()

Getter for Offsets

    public int GetPointCount()

Returns the number of colors in the ramp

    public Color Interpolate(float offset)

Returns the interpolated color specified by offset

    public void RemovePoint(int offset)

Removes the color at the index offset

    public void SetColor(int point, Color color)

Sets the color of the ramp color at index point

    public void SetColors(Color[] colors)

Setter for Colors

    public void SetOffset(int point, float offset)

Sets the offset for the ramp color at index point

    public void SetOffsets(float[] offsets)

Setter for Offsets