Camera which moves toward another node.
    public class InterpolatedCamera : Camera

InterpolatedCamera is a Camera which smoothly moves to match a target node’s position and rotation.

If it is not Enabled or does not have a valid target set, InterpolatedCamera acts like a normal Camera.

Inheritance Chain


    public InterpolatedCamera()


    public bool Enabled { get; set; }

If true, and a target is set, the camera will move automatically.

    public float Speed { get; set; }

How quickly the camera moves toward its target. Higher values will result in tighter camera motion.

    public NodePath Target { get; set; }

The target’s NodePath.


    public float GetSpeed()

Getter for Speed

    public NodePath GetTargetPath()

Getter for Target

    public bool IsInterpolationEnabled()

Getter for Enabled

    public void SetInterpolationEnabled(bool targetPath)

Setter for Enabled

    public void SetSpeed(float speed)

Setter for Speed

    public void SetTarget(Object target)

Sets the node to move toward and orient with.

    public void SetTargetPath(NodePath targetPath)

Setter for Target