Ray shape for 3D collisions.
    public class RayShape : Shape

Ray shape for 3D collisions, which can be set into a PhysicsBody or Area. A ray is not really a collision body, instead it tries to separate itself from whatever is touching its far endpoint. It’s often useful for characters.

Inheritance Chain


    public RayShape()


    public float Length { get; set; }

The ray’s length.

    public bool SlipsOnSlope { get; set; }

If true, allow the shape to return the correct normal. Default value: false.


    public float GetLength()

Getter for Length

    public bool GetSlipsOnSlope()

Getter for SlipsOnSlope

    public void SetLength(float length)

Setter for Length

    public void SetSlipsOnSlope(bool active)

Setter for SlipsOnSlope