Enable certain nodes only when visible.
    public class VisibilityEnabler : VisibilityNotifier

The VisibilityEnabler will disable RigidBody and AnimationPlayer nodes when they are not visible. It will only affect other nodes within the same scene as the VisibilityEnabler itself.

Inheritance Chain


    public VisibilityEnabler()


    public bool FreezeBodies { get; set; }

If true, RigidBody nodes will be paused.

    public bool PauseAnimations { get; set; }

If true, AnimationPlayer nodes will be paused.


    public bool IsEnablerEnabled(Enabler enabler)

    public void SetEnabler(Enabler enabler, bool enabled)

Inner Types


Name Value Description
PauseAnimations 0 This enabler will pause [AnimationPlayer] nodes.
FreezeBodies 1 This enabler will freeze [RigidBody] nodes.
Max 2