public class AnimationNodeStateMachineTransition : Resource

Inheritance Chain


    public AnimationNodeStateMachineTransition()


    "advance_condition_changed" ()


    public string AdvanceCondition { get; set; }

Turn on auto advance when this condition is set. This is a custom text field that can be filled with a variable name. The variable can be modified from code.

    public bool AutoAdvance { get; set; }

Turn on the transition automatically when this state is reached. This works best with SWITCH_MODE_AT_END.

    public bool Disabled { get; set; }

Don’t use this transition during AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback.Travel(string) or AutoAdvance.

    public int Priority { get; set; }

Lower priority transitions are preferred when travelling through the tree via AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback.Travel(string) or AutoAdvance.

    public SwitchModeEnum SwitchMode { get; set; }

The transition type.

    public float XfadeTime { get; set; }

The time to cross-fade between this state and the next.


    public string GetAdvanceCondition()

Getter for AdvanceCondition

    public int GetPriority()

Getter for Priority

    public SwitchModeEnum GetSwitchMode()

Getter for SwitchMode

    public float GetXfadeTime()

Getter for XfadeTime

    public bool HasAutoAdvance()

Getter for AutoAdvance

    public bool IsDisabled()

Getter for Disabled

    public void SetAdvanceCondition(string name)

Setter for AdvanceCondition

    public void SetAutoAdvance(bool autoAdvance)

Setter for AutoAdvance

    public void SetDisabled(bool disabled)

Setter for Disabled

    public void SetPriority(int priority)

Setter for Priority

    public void SetSwitchMode(SwitchModeEnum mode)

Setter for SwitchMode

    public void SetXfadeTime(float secs)

Setter for XfadeTime

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Immediate 0 Switch to the next state immediately. The current state will end and blend into the beginning of the new one.
Sync 1 Switch to the next state immediately, but will seek the new state to the playback position of the old state.
AtEnd 2 Wait for the current state playback to end, then switch to the beginning of the next state animation.