Prerendered indirect light map for a scene.
    public class BakedLightmap : VisualInstance

Baked lightmaps are an alternative workflow for adding indirect (or baked) lighting to a scene. Unlike the GIProbe approach, baked lightmaps work fine on low-end PCs and mobile devices as they consume almost no resources in run-time.

Inheritance Chain


    public BakedLightmap()


    public float BakeCellSize { get; set; }

Grid subdivision size for lightmapper calculation. Default value of 0.25 will work for most cases. Increase for better lighting on small details or if your scene is very large.

    public float BakeEnergy { get; set; }

    public Vector3 BakeExtents { get; set; }

Size of affected area.

    public bool BakeHdr { get; set; }

If true, lightmap can capture light values greater than 1.0. Turning this off will result in a smaller lightmap. Default value:false.

    public BakeModeEnum BakeMode { get; set; }

Lightmapping mode. See BakeMode.

    public float BakePropagation { get; set; }

    public BakeQualityEnum BakeQuality { get; set; }

Three quality modes are available. Higher quality requires more rendering time. See BakeQuality.

    public float CaptureCellSize { get; set; }

Grid size used for real-time capture information on dynamic objects. Cannot be larger than BakeCellSize.

    public string ImagePath { get; set; }

Location where lightmaps will be saved.

    public BakedLightmapData LightData { get; set; }

The calculated light data.


    public BakeError Bake(Node fromNode = null, bool createVisualDebug = false)

    public void DebugBake()

    public float GetBakeCellSize()

Getter for BakeCellSize

    public BakeModeEnum GetBakeMode()

Getter for BakeMode

    public BakeQualityEnum GetBakeQuality()

Getter for BakeQuality

    public float GetCaptureCellSize()

Getter for CaptureCellSize

    public float GetEnergy()

Getter for BakeEnergy

    public Vector3 GetExtents()

Getter for BakeExtents

    public string GetImagePath()

Getter for ImagePath

    public BakedLightmapData GetLightData()

Getter for LightData

    public float GetPropagation()

Getter for BakePropagation

    public bool IsHdr()

Getter for BakeHdr

    public void SetBakeCellSize(float bakeCellSize)

Setter for BakeCellSize

    public void SetBakeMode(BakeModeEnum bakeMode)

Setter for BakeMode

    public void SetBakeQuality(BakeQualityEnum bakeQuality)

Setter for BakeQuality

    public void SetCaptureCellSize(float captureCellSize)

Setter for CaptureCellSize

    public void SetEnergy(float energy)

Setter for BakeEnergy

    public void SetExtents(Vector3 extents)

Setter for BakeExtents

    public void SetHdr(bool hdr)

Setter for BakeHdr

    public void SetImagePath(string imagePath)

Setter for ImagePath

    public void SetLightData(BakedLightmapData data)

Setter for LightData

    public void SetPropagation(float propagation)

Setter for BakePropagation

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Ok 0  
NoSavePath 1  
NoMeshes 2  
CantCreateImage 3  
UserAborted 4  


Name Value Description
ConeTrace 0 Less precise but faster bake mode.
RayTrace 1 More precise bake mode but can take considerably longer to bake.


Name Value Description
Low 0 Lowest bake quality mode. Fastest to calculate.
Medium 1 Default bake quality mode.
High 2 Highest bake quality mode. Takes longer to calculate.