A CSG Torus shape.
    public class CSGTorus : CSGPrimitive

This node allows you to create a torus for use with the CSG system.

Inheritance Chain


    public CSGTorus()


    public float InnerRadius { get; set; }

The inner radius of the torus.

    public Material Material { get; set; }

The material used to render the torus.

    public float OuterRadius { get; set; }

The outer radius of the torus.

    public int RingSides { get; set; }

The number of edges each ring of the torus is constructed of.

    public int Sides { get; set; }

The number of slices the torus is constructed of.

    public bool SmoothFaces { get; set; }

If true the normals of the torus are set to give a smooth effect making the torus seem rounded. When false the torus will have a flat shaded look.


    public float GetInnerRadius()

Getter for InnerRadius

    public Material GetMaterial()

Getter for Material

    public float GetOuterRadius()

Getter for OuterRadius

    public int GetRingSides()

Getter for RingSides

    public int GetSides()

Getter for Sides

    public bool GetSmoothFaces()

Getter for SmoothFaces

    public void SetInnerRadius(float radius)

Setter for InnerRadius

    public void SetMaterial(Material material)

Setter for Material

    public void SetOuterRadius(float radius)

Setter for OuterRadius

    public void SetRingSides(int sides)

Setter for RingSides

    public void SetSides(int sides)

Setter for Sides

    public void SetSmoothFaces(bool smoothFaces)

Setter for SmoothFaces