Input event type for screen drag events. (only available on mobile devices)
    public class InputEventScreenDrag : InputEvent

Contains screen drag information. See Node._Input(Godot.InputEvent).

Inheritance Chain


    public InputEventScreenDrag()


    public int Index { get; set; }

Drag event index in the case of a multi-drag event.

    public Vector2 Position { get; set; }

Drag position.

    public Vector2 Relative { get; set; }

Drag position relative to its start position.

    public Vector2 Speed { get; set; }

Drag speed.


    public int GetIndex()

Getter for Index

    public Vector2 GetPosition()

Getter for Position

    public Vector2 GetRelative()

Getter for Relative

    public Vector2 GetSpeed()

Getter for Speed

    public void SetIndex(int index)

Setter for Index

    public void SetPosition(Vector2 position)

Setter for Position

    public void SetRelative(Vector2 relative)

Setter for Relative

    public void SetSpeed(Vector2 speed)

Setter for Speed