Base class for all 3D joints
    public abstract class Joint : Spatial

Joints are used to bind together two physics bodies. They have a solver priority and can define if the bodies of the two attached nodes should be able to collide with each other.

Inheritance Chain

Derived Classes


    public bool Collision__excludeNodes { get; set; }

If true, the two bodies of the nodes are not able to collide with each other.

    public NodePath Nodes__nodeA { get; set; }

The node attached to the first side (A) of the joint.

    public NodePath Nodes__nodeB { get; set; }

The node attached to the second side (B) of the joint.

    public int Solver__priority { get; set; }

The priority used to define which solver is executed first for multiple joints. The lower the value, the higher the priority.


    public bool GetExcludeNodesFromCollision()

Getter for Collision__excludeNodes

    public NodePath GetNodeA()

Getter for Nodes__nodeA

    public NodePath GetNodeB()

Getter for Nodes__nodeB

    public int GetSolverPriority()

Getter for Solver__priority

    public void SetExcludeNodesFromCollision(bool enable)

Setter for Collision__excludeNodes

    public void SetNodeA(NodePath node)

Setter for Nodes__nodeA

    public void SetNodeB(NodePath node)

Setter for Nodes__nodeB

    public void SetSolverPriority(int priority)

Setter for Solver__priority