Occludes light cast by a Light2D, casting shadows.
    public class LightOccluder2D : Node2D

Occludes light cast by a Light2D, casting shadows. The LightOccluder2D must be provided with an OccluderPolygon2D in order for the shadow to be computed.

Inheritance Chain


    public LightOccluder2D()


    public int LightMask { get; set; }

The LightOccluder2D’s light mask. The LightOccluder2D will cast shadows only from Light2D(s) that have the same light mask(s).

    public OccluderPolygon2D Occluder { get; set; }

The OccluderPolygon2D used to compute the shadow.


    public int GetOccluderLightMask()

Getter for LightMask

    public OccluderPolygon2D GetOccluderPolygon()

Getter for Occluder

    public void SetOccluderLightMask(int mask)

Setter for LightMask

    public void SetOccluderPolygon(OccluderPolygon2D polygon)

Setter for Occluder