Abstract base Resource for coloring and shading geometry.
    public abstract class Material : Resource

Material is a base Resource used for coloring and shading geometry. All materials inherit from it and almost all VisualInstance derived nodes carry a Material. A few flags and parameters are shared between all material types and are configured here.

Inheritance Chain

Derived Classes

Static Fields

    public const Int32 RenderPriorityMax = 127

    public const Int32 RenderPriorityMin = -128


    public  NextPass { get; set; }

    public int RenderPriority { get; set; }


    public Material GetNextPass()

Getter for NextPass

    public int GetRenderPriority()

Getter for RenderPriority

    public void SetNextPass(Material nextPass)

Setter for NextPass

    public void SetRenderPriority(int priority)

Setter for RenderPriority