Pre-parsed scene tree path.
    public sealed class NodePath : IDisposable

A pre-parsed relative or absolute path in a scene tree, for use with Node.GetNode(Godot.NodePath) and similar functions. It can reference a node, a resource within a node, or a property of a node or resource. For instance, "Path2D/PathFollow2D/Sprite:texture:size" would refer to the size property of the texture resource on the node named “Sprite” which is a child of the other named nodes in the path. Note that if you want to get a resource, you must end the path with a colon, otherwise the last element will be used as a property name.

You will usually just pass a string to Node.GetNode(Godot.NodePath) and it will be automatically converted, but you may occasionally want to parse a path ahead of time with NodePath or the literal syntax @"path". Exporting a NodePath variable will give you a node selection widget in the properties panel of the editor, which can often be useful.

A NodePath is made up of a list of node names, a list of “subnode” (resource) names, and the name of a property in the final node or resource.

Inheritance Chain


    public NodePath()

    public NodePath(string path)

Create a NodePath from a string, e.g. “Path2D/PathFollow2D/Sprite:texture:size”. A path is absolute if it starts with a slash. Absolute paths are only valid in the global scene tree, not within individual scenes. In a relative path, "." and ".." indicate the current node and its parent.


    public IntPtr NativeInstance { get; }


    public void Dispose()

    public NodePath GetAsPropertyPath()

    public string GetConcatenatedSubnames()

    public string GetName(int idx)

Get the node name indicated by idx (0 to GetNameCount())

    public int GetNameCount()

Get the number of node names which make up the path.

    public string GetSubname(int idx)

Get the resource name indicated by idx (0 to GetSubnameCount())

    public int GetSubnameCount()

Get the number of resource names in the path.

    public bool IsAbsolute()

Return true if the node path is absolute (not relative).

    public bool IsEmpty()

Return true if the node path is empty.

    public override string ToString()

Conversion Operators

    public static implicit operator NodePath(string from)

    public static implicit operator string(NodePath from)