A material for physics properties.
    public class PhysicsMaterial : Resource

Provides a means of modifying the collision properties of a PhysicsBody.

Inheritance Chain


    public PhysicsMaterial()


    public bool Absorbent { get; set; }

    public float Bounce { get; set; }

The body’s bounciness. Default value: 0.

    public float Friction { get; set; }

The body’s friction. Values range from 0 (frictionless) to 1 (maximum friction). Default value: 1.

    public bool Rough { get; set; }


    public float GetBounce()

Getter for Bounce

    public float GetFriction()

Getter for Friction

    public bool IsAbsorbent()

Getter for Absorbent

    public bool IsRough()

Getter for Rough

    public void SetAbsorbent(bool absorbent)

Setter for Absorbent

    public void SetBounce(float bounce)

Setter for Bounce

    public void SetFriction(float friction)

Setter for Friction

    public void SetRough(bool rough)

Setter for Rough