Class representing a spherical PrimitiveMesh.
    public class SphereMesh : PrimitiveMesh

Class representing a spherical PrimitiveMesh.

Inheritance Chain


    public SphereMesh()


    public float Height { get; set; }

Full height of the sphere. Defaults to 2.0.

    public bool IsHemisphere { get; set; }

Determines whether a full sphere or a hemisphere is created. Attention: To get a regular hemisphere the height and radius of the sphere have to equal. Defaults to false.

    public int RadialSegments { get; set; }

Number of radial segments on the sphere. Defaults to 64.

    public float Radius { get; set; }

Radius of sphere. Defaults to 1.0.

    public int Rings { get; set; }

Number of segments along the height of the sphere. Defaults to 32.


    public float GetHeight()

Getter for Height

    public bool GetIsHemisphere()

Getter for IsHemisphere

    public int GetRadialSegments()

Getter for RadialSegments

    public float GetRadius()

Getter for Radius

    public int GetRings()

Getter for Rings

    public void SetHeight(float height)

Setter for Height

    public void SetIsHemisphere(bool isHemisphere)

Setter for IsHemisphere

    public void SetRadialSegments(int radialSegments)

Setter for RadialSegments

    public void SetRadius(float radius)

Setter for Radius

    public void SetRings(int rings)

Setter for Rings