Container for splitting and adjusting.
    public abstract class SplitContainer : Container

Container for splitting two controls vertically or horizontally, with a grabber that allows adjusting the split offset or ratio.

Inheritance Chain

Derived Classes


    "dragged" (int offset)

Emitted when the dragger is dragged by user.


    public bool Collapsed { get; set; }

    public DraggerVisibilityEnum DraggerVisibility { get; set; }

Determines whether the dragger is visible.

    public int SplitOffset { get; set; }


    public void ClampSplitOffset()

    public DraggerVisibilityEnum GetDraggerVisibility()

Getter for DraggerVisibility

    public int GetSplitOffset()

Getter for SplitOffset

    public bool IsCollapsed()

Getter for Collapsed

    public void SetCollapsed(bool collapsed)

Setter for Collapsed

    public void SetDraggerVisibility(DraggerVisibilityEnum mode)

Setter for DraggerVisibility

    public void SetSplitOffset(int offset)

Setter for SplitOffset

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Visible 0 The split dragger is visible.
Hidden 1 The split dragger is invisible.
HiddenCollapsed 2 The split dragger is invisible and collapsed.