Static body for 3D physics.
    public class StaticBody : PhysicsBody

Static body for 3D physics. A static body is a simple body that is not intended to move. They don’t consume any CPU resources in contrast to a RigidBody so they are great for scenario collision.

A static body can also be animated by using simulated motion mode. This is useful for implementing functionalities such as moving platforms. When this mode is active the body can be animated and automatically computes linear and angular velocity to apply in that frame and to influence other bodies.

Alternatively, a constant linear or angular velocity can be set for the static body, so even if it doesn’t move, it affects other bodies as if it was moving (this is useful for simulating conveyor belts or conveyor wheels).

Inheritance Chain


    public StaticBody()


    public float Bounce { get; set; }

The body bounciness.

    public Vector3 ConstantAngularVelocity { get; set; }

The constant angular velocity for the body. This does not rotate the body, but affects other bodies that touch it, as if it was in a state of rotation.

    public Vector3 ConstantLinearVelocity { get; set; }

The constant linear velocity for the body. This does not move the body, but affects other bodies that touch it, as if it was in a state of movement.

    public float Friction { get; set; }

The body friction, from 0 (frictionless) to 1 (full friction).

    public PhysicsMaterial PhysicsMaterialOverride { get; set; }


    public float GetBounce()

Getter for Bounce

    public Vector3 GetConstantAngularVelocity()

Getter for ConstantAngularVelocity

    public Vector3 GetConstantLinearVelocity()

Getter for ConstantLinearVelocity

    public float GetFriction()

Getter for Friction

    public PhysicsMaterial GetPhysicsMaterialOverride()

Getter for PhysicsMaterialOverride

    public void SetBounce(float bounce)

Setter for Bounce

    public void SetConstantAngularVelocity(Vector3 vel)

Setter for ConstantAngularVelocity

    public void SetConstantLinearVelocity(Vector3 vel)

Setter for ConstantLinearVelocity

    public void SetFriction(float friction)

Setter for Friction

    public void SetPhysicsMaterialOverride(PhysicsMaterial physicsMaterialOverride)

Setter for PhysicsMaterialOverride