A unit of execution in a process.
    public class Thread : Reference

A unit of execution in a process. Can run methods on Objects simultaneously. The use of synchronization via Mutex, Semaphore is advised if working with shared objects.

Inheritance Chain


    public Thread()


    public string GetId()

Returns the current Threads id, uniquely identifying it among all threads.

    public bool IsActive()

Returns true if this Thread is currently active. An active Thread cannot start work on a new method but can be joined with WaitToFinish().

    public Error Start(Object instance, string method, object userdata = null, int priority = 1)

Starts a new Thread that runs “method” on object “instance” with “userdata” passed as an argument. The “priority” of the Thread can be changed by passing a PRIORITY_* enum.

Returns OK on success, or ERR_CANT_CREATE on failure.

    public object WaitToFinish()

Joins the Thread and waits for it to finish. Returns what the method called returned.

Inner Types


Name Value Description
Low 0  
Normal 1  
High 2