public abstract class VisualInstance : Spatial

Inheritance Chain

Derived Classes


    public int Layers { get; set; }

The render layer(s) this VisualInstance is drawn on.

This object will only be visible for Cameras whose cull mask includes the render object this VisualInstance is set to.


    public AABB GetAabb()

Returns the AABB (also known as the bounding box) for this VisualInstance.

    public RID GetBase()

    public RID GetInstance()

    public int GetLayerMask()

Getter for Layers

    public bool GetLayerMaskBit(int layer)

    public AABB GetTransformedAabb()

Returns the transformed AABB (also known as the bounding box) for this VisualInstance.

Transformed in this case means the AABB plus the position, rotation, and scale of the Spatials Transform

    public void SetBase(RID @base)

Sets the base of the VisualInstance, which changes how the engine handles the VisualInstance under the hood.

It is recommended to only use set_base if you know what you’re doing.

    public void SetLayerMask(int mask)

Setter for Layers

    public void SetLayerMaskBit(int layer, bool enabled)