public class AnimationNodeBlendTree : AnimationRootNode

Inheritance Chain

Static Fields

    public const Int32 ConnectionErrorConnectionExists = 5

    public const Int32 ConnectionErrorNoInput = 1

    public const Int32 ConnectionErrorNoInputIndex = 2

    public const Int32 ConnectionErrorNoOutput = 3

    public const Int32 ConnectionErrorSameNode = 4

    public const Int32 ConnectionOk = 0


    public AnimationNodeBlendTree()


    public Vector2 GraphOffset { get; set; }


    public void AddNode(string name, AnimationNode node, Vector2? position = default(Vector2?))

    public void ConnectNode(string inputNode, int inputIndex, string outputNode)

    public void DisconnectNode(string inputNode, int inputIndex)

    [Obsolete("GetGraphOffset is deprecated. Use the GraphOffset property instead.")]
    public Vector2 GetGraphOffset()

Getter for GraphOffset

    public AnimationNode GetNode(string name)

    public Vector2 GetNodePosition(string name)

    public bool HasNode(string name)

    public void RemoveNode(string name)

    public void RenameNode(string name, string newName)

    [Obsolete("SetGraphOffset is deprecated. Use the GraphOffset property instead.")]
    public void SetGraphOffset(Vector2 offset)

Setter for GraphOffset

    public void SetNodePosition(string name, Vector2 position)