Playback control for AnimationNodeStateMachine.
    public class AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback : Resource

Allows control of AnimationTree state machines created with AnimationNodeStateMachine. Retrieve with $AnimationTree.get("parameters/playback").



var state_machine = $AnimationTree.get(“parameters/playback”)“some_state”)


Inheritance Chain


    public AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback()


    public string GetCurrentNode()

Returns the currently playing animation state.

    public string[] GetTravelPath()

    public bool IsPlaying()

Returns true if an animation is playing.

    public void Start(string node)

Starts playing the given animation.

    public void Stop()

Stops the currently playing animation.

    public void Travel(string toNode)

Transitions from the current state to another one, following the shortest path.