A cryptographic key (RSA).
    public class CryptoKey : Resource

The CryptoKey class represents a cryptographic key. Keys can be loaded and saved like any other Resource.

They can be used to generate a self-signed X509Certificate via Crypto.GenerateSelfSignedCertificate(Godot.CryptoKey, string, string, string) and as private key in StreamPeerSSL.AcceptStream(Godot.StreamPeer, Godot.CryptoKey, Godot.X509Certificate, Godot.X509Certificate) along with the appropriate certificate.

Inheritance Chain


    public CryptoKey()


    public Error Load(string path)

Loads a key from path (“*.key” file).

    public Error Save(string path)

Saves a key to the given path (should be a “*.key” file).