public class Physics2DTestMotionResult : Reference

Inheritance Chain


    public Physics2DTestMotionResult()


    public Object Collider { get; }

    public ulong ColliderId { get; }

    public RID ColliderRid { get; }

    public int ColliderShape { get; }

    public Vector2 ColliderVelocity { get; }

    public Vector2 CollisionNormal { get; }

    public Vector2 CollisionPoint { get; }

    public Vector2 Motion { get; }

    public Vector2 MotionRemainder { get; }


    [Obsolete("GetCollider is deprecated. Use the Collider property instead.")]
    public Object GetCollider()

Getter for Collider

    [Obsolete("GetColliderId is deprecated. Use the ColliderId property instead.")]
    public ulong GetColliderId()

    [Obsolete("GetColliderRid is deprecated. Use the ColliderRid property instead.")]
    public RID GetColliderRid()

Getter for ColliderRid

    [Obsolete("GetColliderShape is deprecated. Use the ColliderShape property instead.")]
    public int GetColliderShape()

Getter for ColliderShape

    [Obsolete("GetColliderVelocity is deprecated. Use the ColliderVelocity property instead.")]
    public Vector2 GetColliderVelocity()

Getter for ColliderVelocity

    [Obsolete("GetCollisionNormal is deprecated. Use the CollisionNormal property instead.")]
    public Vector2 GetCollisionNormal()

Getter for CollisionNormal

    [Obsolete("GetCollisionPoint is deprecated. Use the CollisionPoint property instead.")]
    public Vector2 GetCollisionPoint()

Getter for CollisionPoint

    [Obsolete("GetMotion is deprecated. Use the Motion property instead.")]
    public Vector2 GetMotion()

Getter for Motion

    [Obsolete("GetMotionRemainder is deprecated. Use the MotionRemainder property instead.")]
    public Vector2 GetMotionRemainder()

Getter for MotionRemainder