Base class for WebSocket server and client.
    public abstract class WebSocketMultiplayerPeer : NetworkedMultiplayerPeer

Base class for WebSocket server and client, allowing them to be used as network peer for the MultiplayerAPI.

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    "peer_packet" (int peer_source)

Emitted when a packet is received from a peer.

Note: This signal is only emitted when the client or server is configured to use Godot multiplayer API.


    public WebSocketPeer GetPeer(int peerId)

Returns the WebSocketPeer associated to the given peerId.

    public Error SetBuffers(int inputBufferSizeKb, int inputMaxPackets, int outputBufferSizeKb, int outputMaxPackets)

Configures the buffer sizes for this WebSocket peer. Default values can be specified in the Project Settings under network/limits. For server, values are meant per connected peer.

The first two parameters define the size and queued packets limits of the input buffer, the last two of the output buffer.

Buffer sizes are expressed in KiB, so 4 = 2^12 = 4096 bytes. All parameters will be rounded up to the nearest power of two.

Note: HTML5 exports only use the input buffer since the output one is managed by browsers.